Tool Commercial

Communication/Collaboration Project II: Tool Commercial

: You’ve been hired by a tech company to develop a commercial for one of their products. The company thinks that their tool will really benefit communication and collaboration in classrooms – but teachers aren’t really aware of their product. The company needs you to develop a 1-minute infomercial about their product to convince teachers that the tool will benefit students. The purpose of your infomercial is AWARENESS – it is not a training video.]

Step 1. Gather a team of 2 classmates

Step 2. As a group, select one web 2.0 tool that your group would like to explore. You’ll let me know which tool you want to choose. Spend some time exploring the tool and think about how you would explain this tool to someone else.

Step 3.  Start thinking about how you will create a commercial about your tool. Who is the audience? What are the features? How can they support communication and collaboration in a classroom? You may want to refer to NETS for Communication and Collaboration. Why would a teacher, parent, administrator, resource teacher, and/or student use it?

Step 4. Create a storyboard for a commercial about your tool using Google Presentations. On the storyboard, you will plan for a sequence of information and/or image you will present and narration that goes with it.

**Take a look at two commercials from previous years so that you can better plan for your infomercial:

Step 5. Download Jing here. Watch this tutorial about capturing and sharing Jing videos created by our another awesome EDIt2000 instructor, Keri. For more tutorials, go here.
**If your computer has a webcam, then you have an internal mic to use. If you don’t know if you have a mic – start working on your infomercial – Jing should be able to locate your mic – if it doesn’t, then you likely don’t have one. You can get a cheap one at Walmart for less than $10. You can check out a microphone for 5 days from OIT in Aderhold 232. You just need your student id.

Step 6. Create your infomercial. Using Jing, take us on a visual tour of your tool and tell us some of the things you thought about in Step 3. Some students create powerpoint slides to share, others just navigate through the tool as they talk about it. Please don’t conduct a “training session” – we don’t have to know all the ins and out of the tool. We just need to want to use it.  It’s an informercial – sell the product!! With Jing you’re limited to 5 minutes – but if you can say it best in 1-2 minutes, it’s completely okay. Remember, the funnier the better!

The following elements are what I am looking for in your commercial:

– Appealing to the audience (teachers) in a specific domain
Addressing how the tool supports communication and collaboration in a classroom
– Understanding the media chosen
– Look & Feel (including humor; a eye-catching title; interaction with the audience, etc.)

Step 7. Create a NEW page on your Google Site called “Tool Commercial.”

Step 8. On your Tool Commercial page, provide a brief description and a link to your infomercial  (Note: you’re creating a new webpage – NOT an entirely new website. Just login to your webpage and click “create new page”).


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