Social Media Strategy Plan

Communication/Collaboration Project I: Social Media Strategy Plan (Due Feb. 8)

This project consists of three parts: 1) exploring two existing practices of social media in a classroom, 2) setting your own goals for four social media tools, and 3) creating your glog about your social media strategy plans.

  • What is your task? You will explore 4 social media tools and build a social media strategy for each tool. You will create an e-poster about your social media strategy plans using Glogster.
  • Purpose of the project? To allow you to start thinking about how you will use social media in classrooms to support and enhance communication and collaboration and how you engage in social media for such professional uses
  • What is a social media strategy plan? Goal setting about how you develop a professional social media identity (-it’s time to create your social media profile so you don’t find yourself removing tags from Facebook photos, creating a barebones LinkedIn account, and learning what Twitter is the night before a big job interview.)

**Here’s an example of goal-setting for Blogger for a middle-school science teacher:

Immediate Goal: Make an account and start reading articles on the Internet about scientific discoveries, current events, and research. I will try to post a new article or video every few days.
Future Goal: The blog will serve as a place where students can select an article that they find interesting and discuss it in class or write a brief summary about the article.

Step 1. Create a new page on your website called “Social Media Strategy” for this project.

Step 2. Do Google search for any articles/videos/resources about social media to get some idea about what/how social media tools are used in your target grade level and/or subject area to support communication and collaboration. Find at least 2 articles, videos, or resources.

Step 3. On the “Social Media Strategy” page, link to each article you found and write a brief review about it (one paragraph).

Step 4. Pick 4 social media tools.
There are many different social media tools – and to have a social media identity, you don’t need to actively use all of them. I’ve created a list of 12 social media tools. If you have another social media tool you’d like to use and it isn’t listed here – feel free to include it.

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. YouTube
  4. Twitter
  5. WordPress
  6. Blogger
  7. Vimeo
  8. Pinterest
  9. Google+
  10. FourSquare
  11. Flikr
  12. DailyMile

Step 4. Create your accounts for these 4 tools and spend some time exploring them. Get yourself familiar with them!!
**You’ll be using these tools to build a professional identity – so if you already have a personal Twitter account – think about having a separate one for the professional topics.

Step 5. Build your CURRENT and FUTURE goals for each of the four social media tools that you chose to your Glog. They should be realistic goals and should be specific. Make sure to include a LINK to YOUR Twitter feed, Pinterest board, LinkedIn profile, etc. When you creating your glog, be as creative as you want!

Step 6. On the Social Media Strategy webpage on your Google Site, provide the link to your glog and write a short description of why you chose those four social media in particular and what you learned from this project. This should take 1-2 paragraphs to describe.

**What is Glog? The following guidelines will help you learn about Glogster:

  • Watch a 5-minute tutorial about Glogster.
  • Create an account on Glogster:  It’s up to you if you want to create a student account or a teacher account – but make sure you choose the free account. You should be able to log in with your Google ID or your Facebook account.
  • Explore the templates for Glogster – get an idea of how you might layout your information.
  • After you finish displaying your information on your glog, publish your glog – make sure you’ve made it public.
  • If you don’t love Glogster – you can always try Storify or– it has similar features and you should still be able to include all of the required elements.

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