Learning Environment Design

Foundation Building Activity: Learning Environment Design (Due Jan. 28)

How the learning environment is structured influences students’ learning. For this project, you will design your classroom layout. The purpose of this project is to have you think about the ideal learning environment that can promote better learning. We’ll use a (sort of) free tool called Floorplanner but you are welcome to use other tools.

Step 1. Create an (free) account in Floorplanner.

Step 2. Design your dream learning environment using Floorplanner.

Step 3. Once you completed designing the classroom layout, take a screen shot of the layout image.

Step 4. Create a “Learning Environment” (or other name you want to use) page on your Google Site.

Step 5. Insert the image of your learning environment design onto your “Learning Environment” web page.

Step 6. Respond to the following directly on your “Learning Environment” web page:

Keeping an audience in mind (parents and/or students), give a narrative for your classroom layout – why you chose the design, what are the highlights of the room, how it reflects the needs of the learners and of the curriculum. Give a sense of what it would be like to spend time in your classroom. Describe your students and yourself (their teacher). This should take 3-4 paragraphs to describe.

 Useful Resources:


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