Learning Adventure – Day 5

How does your adventure look like at this time?

  1. Complete each section as if you are talking to your potential students except the Parent Teacher letter.
  2. Try to be explicit about how each section is related to the previous or next section. Remember that each section should guide the next section.
  3. For the Inquire section, all the questions do not need to be essential questions; try to include questions that stimulate students’ curiosity as well.
  4. The Hook section helps students get familiar with the topic by learning about interesting facts related to the topic and playing fun games relevant to the topic.
  5. In the Organize section, make sure you provide a clear direction on how students should use the graphic organizer (e.g., “Download the graphic organizer and complete it while you explore in the  next section.“). Your advance organizer should be original – not from a template.
  6. In the Explore section, clearly state what students are supposed to do with each website. Be explicit about what you want your students to learn from each site.

**Please complete this survey form letting me know your project title and url link. 

Show What You Know

Earlier I asked you to think about the end product before deciding on the exploration activities for your students. This way you are planning with the end in mind. So what makes a good student product? What are you having students do as part of their adventure? Is it meaningful or busywork? Are they using critical thinking and problem solving skills or just repeating facts? Keep these questions in mind as you create this part of your project.

The rubric states, “This is the product – after they’ve learned about the topic, what can students create to show what they’ve learned and/or to learn more about the topic? This will be a creative endeavor – not a worksheet or research paper.”

In addition, you want to indicate how students share their final product with you. You might also want to include the assessment criteria or project rubric in this section.

Finding a Career

This section is to provide students with information on possible careers that perform the similar activities to that of your adventure. Provide a brief description about each career and the links to websites about the career(s)  you found – include a picture if possible.

Parent Teacher Letter

In this section, you will write a letter to parents/teachers with the following in mind:

  • An introduction to the adventure for parents: purpose of activities, helpful hints, materials needed, what sections need parental guidance, opportunities for extension (field trips, additional books, etc.), a list of book titles that relate to the question.
  • Rather than simply listing what you find on Amazon – search the Athens library and the CMC – find good books, not just books on the topic.
  • Include learning objectives – use the Georgia Performance Standards if applicable. You may choose to write some general or specific learning goals for your adventure.

Author Introductory Video

In your video, you will tell about yourself and why you choose this topic. You can shoot your videos with your phone or camera. Then, you can edit your videos using iMovie or Movie Maker if you need. Uploading your introduction video to YouTube is the easiest way to embed it onto your adventure’s introduction page.  You can login to YouTube with your google account. Make sure you set your video to “public”!!!
[How to Insert your Video to the Google page] Once you’ve uploaded your video, copy the url, go to your introduction page, click on “Insert”, then choose Video<Youtube and paste in the url that you copied earlier. You’ll just see a yellow box on your page; but once you save the page you should be able to view your video.

Now, Let’s Decide the Order of the Presentations!

We will do by playing the game, Climb down the ladder! Have you played this game before? If not, don’t worry! I will explain how- it is simple enough.

What Do You Need to Prepare for the Presentation?

You or your group will have appx. 10 minutes to introduce your learning adventure. Put up your site on the screen and go over each section of the adventure. Other groups are expected provide at least one feedback/comment to the presenters.
Plan to bring some snacks or foods to share!


  • We will NOT meet in class. Work on the project at your convenient place. You may want to use the time recording the author introduction video.


  • This is the final workday before the presentations. I will be here in the classroom to answer your final questions about the project. Please come to class if you or your group want to work on the project in class and think you will have some questions about the project. 


  • You need to plan to attend every day, even days you are not presenting (-out of respect). I expect you will take this seriously.

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