Learning Adventure – Workday

Today is an independent workday for you or your group to work on the learning adventure project. You should have probably finished the ORGANIZE section (or close to finish) and start working on EXPLORE. The EXPLORE section is where students do research using the graphic organizer and build a knowledge base necessary for the project they will do on ‘Show What You Know.’ Check the rubric and sample works to make sure you include everything you need. The following is what the rubric says about the Explore section:

    • After exploration in the previous steps, students will begin to do research on their question. They might use the “Organize” graphic organizer — or there might be an additional one to print here.
    • Provide a list of websites that are age-appropriate (not just the first 5 listed from a Google search). Make sure you list the name of the website and write a description.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Complete each section as if you are talking to your potential students except the Parent Teacher letter.
  2. Try to be explicit how each section is related to the previous or next section. Remember that each section is prepared to guide the next section.
  3. For the Inquire section, all the questions do not need to be essential questions; try to include questions that stimulate students’ curiosity as well.
  4. The Hook section helps students get familiar with the topic by learning about interesting facts related to the topic and playing fun games relevant to the topic.


    • Complete the Organize and Explore sections. Bring questions to the class if any.
    • We will work on the “Show What You Know” section.

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