Learning Adventure – Day 1

PART ONE. What is an essential question?

You’ll want to get students interested in your topic by starting with an essential question. Let’s learn about essential questions and see some examples.

For the rest of class time, work with your partner to create some essential questions to guide your adventure using the handout. Complete the Inquire section of your adventure.

PART TWO. Creating the Learning Adventure site

You’ll also want to create a new Google site (not a new page in your current site) and do the following:

    • Share it with your partner – you need to make your partner an owner of the site (I will show you how in class)
    • Make sure the title of your site reflects the nature of your adventure.
    • Make sure your navigation bar reflects the sections in the Rubric distributed in class today.

[How to arrange the Google Site navigation bar]

Step 1. Click ‘More.’


Step 2. Click ‘Edit site layout.’


Step 3. Click the navigation bar.


Step 4. Uncheck ‘Automatically organize my navigation bar.’


Step 5: Click ‘Add page’ if you need to add a page to the navigation bar. Sometimes you create a new page and it doesn’t show up in the navigation section automatically. After adding the page, it will then show up on this screen.


Step 6: You can use the arrows to arrange the page order. First, you click on the page you’d like to move, and then click the up/down arrows. The left/right arrows will indent pages to create hierarchy and connections among pages.


Step 7: Click ‘ok’ when you are finished arranging.



    • Come to class with the Inquire section completed.
    • We will work on the Hook section in class.
    • Please fill out this form so that I know whom you are working with.

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