Sharing your creativity tool products

Did you watch the video I posted on Monday’s blog? What did you all think about it? Now the name of these toys is “Sifteo.” If you are interested, you can learn more about Sifteo here:



How did you enjoy working on your creativity tool project? Hopefully, it gave you some ideas of how you could use these tools in your future classroom. Let’s share your sample lesson materials or products with your peers. We will share your two lesson products/materials for 5 minutes with your partner; and then we will switch the partner and continue sharing for other 5 minutes; then we change the partner again…so on. When you talk to your partner, answer the following questions for each lesson:

  • What is your lesson about?
  • Who is your target audience and subject?
  • What lesson material/product did you create?
  • What is the purpose of including the lesson material/product in your lesson?
  • How did you create it? How did you like the tool you used?
  • What did you most like about the tool?
  • How can this tool be applied differently to the classroom?
  • Anything else you want to share?


We will not have our class in the classroom. I have a doctor’ appointment during the class time; I try to avoid but that was the only time available… I am so sorry about canceling the class. Instead, I want you to use the class time finishing up your Creativity/Innovation Tool page on your Google portfolio. Also, your tutees are waiting for you! Teach them about critical thinking. Both of the assignments are due Friday @ 11:59pm, March 29. 

*The next, but LAST, tutoring is due Wednesday, April 3rd.


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