Welcome Back!


  • Thank you for all the comments and feedback you provided on the mid-semester evaluation. They were very helpful. I will try to reflect them as much as possible during the rest of the semester.
  • Check your grade on the stop animation project. If you have NOT completed the stop animation page on your Google site, please do asap and let me know.

Universal Design for Learning

Glad you are all back! We have a guest speaker today: YunJeong Chang. She’ll be talking with us about UDL: Universal Design for Learning. She guest-lectured on this topic several times in previous EDIT 2000 classes. I invited her to our class as well because I think this concept of UDL is very helpful and important for us to know in general as well as for future teachers.

So now, I hand it over to YunJeong.

You have learned about and created learning tools. But, how can we use these tools for a group of students with diverse levels of achievement? Would it be ok to provide a “one size fits all” type of lesson or tool to your learners and let them fit into your teaching?

Thinking of your own learning, are you good at all subjects? Have you ever needed extra support from your teacher?

Today, we are going to think about the universal design principles for creating a learning environment for learners who have diverse needs. Then, we will discuss how to improve our slowmations. For detail, visit https://sites.google.com/site/edit2000ud/.

Looking ahead:

  • We will start on the new project about creativity on this Wednesday.
  • Next reading assignment is due March 29. You will teach your tutee about critical thinking.

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