MOVIE day!!

PART 1. Mid-Semester Evaluation

Today, we are going to watch your stop animations! I am so excited to see them. But before we do, I would like to ask you to complete the mid-semester evaluation. This questionnaire is prepared to better meet your needs in this class. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Your time is greatly appreciated.

While you completing the survey, I want to remind you of our attendance policy and grading policy.
I allow 3 grace absences in this class. Please use them wisely. From 4th absence, I have to lower your letter grade. If you need to make up, try to earn a late pass! Regarding the grading policy, all your assignment should be done by the due date. Otherwise, you will lose 5% of the total score per day for each day late. If you want to resubmit your revised work after you receive my feedback, you need to return in within a week and you should inform me your revision.

PART 2. Your Stop Animation Movies

Now, it’s a showtime!!! Have some popcorn while watching the movies. I want each group to briefly talk about what your video is about, who your target audience is, what you want us to look for, if any, when watching the animation, and anything else you want to share regarding your project.

After watching all the animations, we will vote for the favorite one. As you know by now, the winner group will earn the late pass!!

Your Favorite AnimationWho won?

If you have not finished the Stop Animation page on your Google portfolio, make sure you do by TONIGHT. The instruction on how to complete the page is available here.

For Next Week:

Everyone shall have fun!!

Wherever you go, ENJOY and be SAFE! And please come back. 😀


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