Creativity and Innovation – Day 7

Stop Animation – Editing + Narration Day II

Our goal today is to complete editing and add narration to your video. When you record your narration, you may use rm 618 and 613 (ask me for the key).

PART 1. Editing

Here are the brief steps of how you import pictures to iMovie:

  1. Connect your camera to a laptop and copy them to the desktop (or any other place that you can easily access).
  2. Open iMovie.
  3. Create a new project.
    1) Turn off default zoom (Ken Burn effect):
    Go to File<Project Properties. In the “Initial Photo Placement” drop-down menu at the bottom of the window, change the option from “Ken Burns” to “Fit in Frame.” If you skip this step you’ll have a zoom effect on every picture you import into your video.
    2) Set your photo duration as 1 seconds and increase it as needed.
  5. Drag your pictures to the project you just created.
  6. Now, you are ready to edit your animation!!!

Remember that you would need to use royalty free music for your project: Royalty Free MusicFree Play MusicCreative Commons Licensed Music. Otherwise, YouTube wouldn’t let you upload your video.

PART 2. Publishing & Sharing

  1. Once you’ve finished your videos – “share” them to our class Youtube account.  I’ll have the login and password available in the classroom.
  2. Make sure you make your video NOT PERSONAL.
  3. Once your video is uploaded, share the youtube link with your group.
  4. Then, each group member should create a ‘Stop Animation’ page in the Google portfolio. On the Stop Animation page, embed your slowmation video (I’ll show you how you can do this.) and write a short description (2-4 paragraphs) about the video and the project in general. In your description, please respond to the following:
  • Which grade level is your video targeted at?
  • What is the subject?
  • What is the topic of the video?
  • What Georgia Performance Standard does your video address?
  • How might this video help students to understand the concept?
  • Do you think this idea is good for students’ creativity development?
  • What do you think are the merits of student-generated educational videos?
  • What advice would you give to students and teachers when creating videos?

Friday is the stop animation project due. Please make sure you shared your stop animation video on our class YouTube page. We will watch your masterpieces during class!


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