Creativity and Innovation – Day 4

Stop Animation – Props Day

Hope you all have played with either iMovie a little bit. Please do spend sometime this week to get yourself familiar with the tool.

Today we are simply working on props for your stop animation video. If your group is still working on the storyboard, that’s fine too. Try to finish it up and move on to building props.

On Friday, we will start taking pictures of your props. I want to point out a couple of things to help you get prepared for it:

You’ll need a camera and you may want to check out a tripod downstairs in OIT – rm 232. Remember that Ron mentioned on Monday that it is important to lock your camera so the positions of your props do not change in every picture. You’ll also want to bring in connecting cords so that you can download your pictures to a computer. You can use Dropbox application to transfer pictures from your phone to a laptop but it takes a lot longer than just using the USB cable (unless you use iCloud).

For Friday,

  • We will finish up building props.
  • If your props are almost ready, bring a camera, tripod, and a connecting cord to take footages for your animation.

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