Creativity and Innovation – Day 3

Stop Animation

Our first project under the Creativity and Innovation theme is to create stop animation videos. What is Stop Animation? Let’s watch example videos created by the students in previous semesters:

water cycle
solar system

Now, you should have some idea of what stop animation is. So, the purpose of a stop animation video is to explain a concept in a creative and engaging way. The basic mechanism is that you take a series of pictures and present them as if they are moving using a video-editing software. We will use iMovie for the project, and Ron Braxley will be here on Monday to teach us how to use iMovie.

Getting Started on Your Video

We’ll worry about the tools we’re using to make your videos next week.  For now you just need to:

1. Gather a group of FOUR classmates. Share contact information with each other (cell phone numbers!) so that you can work on things outside of class.
2. Come up with an idea for your video. The best topics are ones that show cycles, systems, formulas, strategies, processes, etc.

  • You should consider GRADE LEVEL, SUBJECT, and GEORGIA PERFORMANCE STANDARD when your group decide the topic.
  • Topics such as how to spell, or how to do single-digit addition, are off limits. In other words, choose a topic that is worthy of the time you’re going to spend making the video. A classroom teacher would not spend several hours making a video on how to spell vocabulary words. Make something that would have a “long shelf-life” – that is, something that can be used over and over again.
  • No whiteboard videos. There are big problems with glare from the whiteboard, and drawing everything on a whiteboard defeats the purpose of this project.

3. Plan your story. Making a story board for a stop animation video is important. Although you know what storyboard is, let’s learn more about it. You do NOT need to have any formal kind of storyboard. I am just encouraging you to have one to help you plan your video.

4. While you plan your story, think of what props and equipment you’ll need.

-People often use resources such as felt for the background, construction papers, foams, sticks, yarns, clay figures, etc. Of course, Scissors and Glues will be needed. Basically, you can use anything! Be creative!


On Monday, as I announced, we will have the iMovie workshop. iMovie is a Mac application. If you are a PC user, you can use Macs in the laptop cart.

On Wednesday, we will finish up storyboarding and start building props for your video. If you know what materials your group will use, please bring them.

On Friday, I hope we could start taking pictures you need for the video. So it would be great if your group complete making all the props before Friday. 


  • The 3rd reading assignment is due today. If you use a late pass, you can complete it by Noon, Feb 23 (Sat). Let me know if you are using a late pass.

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