Communication and Collaboration – Day 5

Tool Commercial Continued

Today we are going to talk about how to use Jing. Jing is a FREEware that allows you to take a screenshot and/or record what you do on your computer screen. You can download Jing here.

1. Find Jing on your computer.

2. Log-in to Jing

3. A sunshine-like icon on either the top center (PC) or the top right corner (Mac) of the screen.

4. Using a crosshair button, define where you want to capture by dragging.

5. To record a screen activity, select ‘Capture a Video.’

6. Check microphone input. You might want to use a headset with a microphone.

If your computer has a webcam, then you have an internal mic to use. If you don’t know if you have a mic – start working on your infomercial – Jing should be able to locate your mic – if it doesn’t, then you likely don’t have one. You can check out a microphone for 5 days from OIT in Aderhold.  It’s in room 232 and you just need your student id.

7. Once Jing starts recording, it also captures your voice.

8. You can pause recording.

9. Once you finished recording, select “Share via”

You can be CREATIVE with how you want to make your commercial. Some students create powerpoint slides to share, others just navigate through the tool as they talk about it. With the free version you can only record 6 minutes or less. We want to stick to less than 2 minutes.  You’ll likely want to test out Jing a few times to make sure everything is recording properly. Some of you may be more adventurous and want more editing capabilities. Don’t worry, we’ll advance to iMovie and Moviemaker Live for a future project.

The following elements are what I am looking for in your commercial:

– Appealing to the audience (teachers) in a specific domain
Addressing how the tool supports communication and collaboration in a classroom
– Understanding the media chosen
– Look & Feel (including humor; a eye-catching title; interaction with the audience, etc.)

Again, please don’t conduct a “training session” – we don’t have to know all the ins and out of the tool. We just need to want to use it.  It’s a commercial – sell the product!! Remember, the funnier the better!

Today’s Task:

Before you actually record your commercial, you should plan how you want to organize and present the commercial. For the rest of class time today, you will create a STORYBOARD for your commercial with your partner. Here are your GROUPS for this project. I tried my best to match you guys up based on tools you have chosen. You may work on a different tool if your group member agrees. Just make sure NOT to choose the one that other groups are already using. If you have decided to go for a different tool, please update the Google document.

On the storyboard, you want to plan a SEQUENCE of information and/or image you will display and NARRATIONS that go with it. I would prefer using Powerpoint or Google Presentations to create a storyboard; but you can use whatever you are comfortable with. You will NOT be required to submit the storyboard. I ask you to do this simply because it will greatly help you plan for recording your commercial. Here is one storyboard example that I created for the research project I am working for. Yours do not have to be this thorough.

For Wednesday:

  • We will have an independent workday. You should work on recording your commercial with your partner. I will be in the lab during our regular class time. It is NOT required but I think it would be great to come to class so that you can work with your partner.
  • In case you forget how to use Jing, watch this tutorial about capturing and sharing Jing videos created by our another awesome EDIT2000 instructor, Keri Valentines.

For Friday:

  • Your commercial is due. Create a NEW page on your Google Site called “Tool Commercial” and provide a brief description and a link to your infomercial. We will share the commercials with the whole class. I am already excited to see your commercials!

For Monday next week:


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