Communication and Collaboration – Day 4

PART ONE. Sharing Your Glogs

Hope you all have completed the social media project. What did you learn from this project? Do you have some idea about how you would incorporate social media in your future classroom? Let’s spend a little bit of time sharing your Glogs. We will use Google Docs to share your Glog today.

What is Google Docs? It is a web-based office suite that allows people to create and edit documents online. Google Docs are stored on Google server (online) so that you can access them from ANYWHERE you are connected to the Internet. One other great feature of Google Docs is that you can SHARE it with other users and collaboratively edit the documents with them in a REAL TIME. That means, documents are opened and edited at the same time by multiple users at different locations. Google Docs allow you not only to do collaborative writing, but also to make presentation slides and use a spreadsheet, and even let you create a survey. The survey forms that I have used in this class were created by this technology! Google Docs is a simple technology but it offers a lot in terms of what we can do with it.

Then, why don’t we try it out?  Let’s open this Google Document that I have created and SHARED with you. You see a three-column table in this document. Please copy the URL of your Glog and paste it to this document. Okay, now you have an access to your buddy’s Glog. Visit your buddy’s Glog and leave any suggestions or comments to your buddy on the Google document.

PART TWO. Beginning the Tool Commercial Project

By now, you have noticed and understood how Google Docs can support communication and collaboration in a classroom. Besides Google Docs and the social media that you explored in the project, there are LOT more web 2.0 sites that can support communication and collaboration. Scribblar is one of them. Do you remember this tool?

In this project, you are going to create a commercial about a web 2.0 tool where you highlight how the tool might be used by your audience to support communication and collaboration. The following is the background scenario for this project:

You’ve been hired by a tech company to develop a commercial for one of their products. The company thinks that their tool will really benefit communication and collaboration in classrooms – but teachers aren’t really aware of their product. The company needs you to develop a 1-minute infomercial about their product to convince teachers that the tool will benefit students

Remember that the purpose of your infomercial is AWARENESS – it is not a training video. Then, what makes a good infomercial?  Let’s watch some examples.

Do you want to buy this Grill Glove?

Here is one more example:

What about this infomercial? This commercial does a good job of communicating attractive features as well as includes some humor! If you want to watch some more infomercials, you can go to the Time’s list of 25 best/worst infomercials.  Some of the infomercials are really interesting!

Okay, all these are professional ones. These are not the ones that I am expecting you to create. Let’s take a look at one commercial created by a former EDIT2000 student.



I hope this gives you a better idea about what your infomercial could look like. To create an infomercial, you will probably need to have a STORYBOARD where you plan what you are going to include in your commercial. Then, you will use a tool called Jing to record your commercial video.

Jing is a FREEware that allows you to take a screenshot and/or record a computer screen. I will talk about how to use Jing in next class. Make sure you DOWNLOAD Jing before you come to class on Monday. If you are using a lab computer, Jing should have been already installed.

Now, I want you to spend a little bit of time exploring more web 2.0 tools before you decide the tool you want to make an infomercial about. I have created a new page called Web 2.0. In this page, I have listed more communication/collaboration web 2.0 tools. So you might want to choose one from this list. Try to explore some tools that you haven’t heard/used before and then choose TWO tools that interest you the most. Once you know which tools you want to make an infomercial about, fill out this Google form

This is a group project so I will form groups based on the tools you have chosen. We will try to have groups choose different tools.

For Monday, we will talk about how to use Jing and work on the storyboard of your commercial. Before you come to class, please complete the following tasks:
  • Download Jing to your laptop. 
  • Fill out this Google form so that I know what tools you want to work with. I will assign the groups based on your response.

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