Sharing Your Dream Classroom and QR codes…


Today, I would like to introduce one interesting  tool called QR codes. What are QR codes? Let’s first watch this YouTube video. 

QR codes, or Quick-Response codes, are basically a communication tool that allows quick, easy access to information. QR codes can hold different types of data including: text, URLs to websites, coordinates on a map, or contact information. They are used more and more frequently on restaurant tent cards to advertise specials, museums to give more detailed information about an exhibit, or on products to send you to a video demo. When I visited High Museum of Art in Atlanta last year,  QR codes were available for each painting. Each QR code contained a detailed description about the painting, so I could have a better understanding of each piece.

What are the QR codes applications to classrooms?

  • Quick access to additional content such as websites, video clips, and game clues.
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Geocaching

How do we read a QR code? What we need is a mobile device with a camera, internet access, and a QR code reader app.  If you don’t already have a QR code reader, you can download one from your app store –  just search “qr code” and download the first free one you see.

Then, how can we create a QR code? There are many QR code generators available online.


  1. Scan this QR code and learn how to create a QR code.
  2. Create a QR code that links to your Learning Environment page (Google site).
  3. Test if the QR code works.
  4. Insert this QR code to the bottom of your Learning Environment page.

PART TWO. Sharing Your Dream Classroom 

Hope you all have finished creating your dream classroom by using Floorplan.  Let’s talk about the tool itself first.  How do you like this too?  Is it a good tool?  Any difficulty or problem you have while working on your project?

Now let’s talk about your learning environment with others. Explain your floor plan to your group members by answering three questions below. Each group pick the best one and present to the whole class.  Then, we are going to vote for the best one.  People in that group can win a late pass.

  • What did you include in your classroom?
  • Why did you include them?
  • What is the most important feature of your design?
For Wednesday
  • 2nd reading assignment is due on Wednesday. Teach your tutee about communication and collaboration technology.

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