Keep Working on Your e-Portfolio

**If today is your first day of class – please view the blog post from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (click on the respective dates on the calendar to the right). Also please complete the student information sheet.

PART ONE. Research Participation 

I have a FAVOR to ask you. I am conducting a research study this semester. The purpose of the study is to learn about college students’ engagement in academic readings. Would you please consider participating in my study? If you agree to participate in the study, what you only need to do is to complete a survey two times during this semester. I will appreciate your consideration and time if you are  willing to participate in the study. Here is the link to the first survey: Thank you so much!!

PART TWO. Continue Building Your e-Portfolio 

Do you have any questions about your website? Keep in mind that we will work on these websites all semester. There is plenty of time to make changes and improvements. Most of you completed the Home page of your website last week. We will work on the ‘About Me’ page today.

Make sure that your website includes:

  • Home Page
    • Picture of you OR other picture you want to have in your home page
    • Short description of what you would like to learn this semester (Or, anything you want to talk about)
  • About Me Page
    • 2-3 pictures
    • 2-3 links to relevant websites
    • 2-3 paragraphs about you

When you are done creating two pages above, please fill out this form so that I can access your website.

For Wednesday & Friday:

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